Spore Testing

Available for Steam / Autoclave, Chemical Vapor, Dry Heat and Ethylene Oxide sterilization cycles.

• Easy to follow Instructions.

• Test results in 24-48 hours once received by the Defend lab**

• Check results online with our secure web site.

• Documentation of test results.

• One of the most cost-effective methods of biological monitoring.

• Reminder to reorder to keep you on schedule.

48 Tests per box

12 Tests per box


*Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) MMWR

December 19, 2003 / 52(RR17); 1-61.

F. Sterilization :  “Monitor sterilizers at least weekly by using a biological indicator with a matching control…”

**Allow 72 hours for chemical vapor and 7 days for dry heat or ethylene oxide

Spore Testing Guidelines published by the CDC.