Plastic Hub Self-Threading Dental Needles


Needle made of stainless steel; polypropylene hub with aluminum insert.

Lot #, needle size and sterile seal on each individual needle casing.

• Disposable, sterile needles for use on standard 1.8mL dental syringes

• Triple-beveled needle features an arrow indicator to help orient the bevel position during injections

• Siliconized to help ensure a gentle insertion of needle into tissue for minimal discomfort

• Prethreaded plastic hub for simple, straight attachment to the syringe perfectly and securely everytime

• Color coding for easy needle diameter identification

100 Dental Needles per box

DN-2000 – 27L YELLOW
DN-2100 – 27S YELLOW
DN-3000 – 30S BLUE
DN-3100 – 30XS BLUE












What are needles made of?

Stainless steel and plastic.

What type of syringe go with the needles?

Aspirating syringe

How many needles are sold in a box?


How many mm does the needle protrude from end of hub?

Approximately 1.2 mm.

Are they silicone coated?


Do they have a bevel indicator?



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Plastic Hub Self-Threading Dental Needles