DEFEND Desensitizer

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Eliminate Post-op Sensitivity!

NEW!  DEFEND Desensitizer
Universal Desensitizing Agent

• Quick & Easy Application
• Universal Compatibility
• Antimicrobial Agent

DEFEND Desensitizer is a superior desensitizing agent which can be placed under dental cements or temporary, provisional or final restorative materials to reduce postoperative sensitivity.

It can also be used for desensitization of amalgam restorations, either conventional or bonded. DEFEND Desensitizer contains HEMA to aid bonding primers to penetrate etched dentin. The HEMA base in DEFEND Desensitizer helps seal tubules, giving immediate relief from pain due to hypersensitivity.


• Abrasion, cervical erosions and preps
• Applications to vital crown preparations prior to luting with cements
• At the “prep” appointment to desensitize during temporization

Most dentin resin bonding materials will benefit from DEFEND Desensitizer application. Its application reliably reduces post-op sensitivity by supporting the collagen framework for easier penetration of the adhesive, thus enhancing the dentin bond.

DEFEND Desensitizer is an equivalent formula to the market leader.

DEFEND Desensitizer
10ml Bottle
HEMA, Glutaraldehyde












Is this like Gluma?

Formula is exactly the same but you can’t say it’s identical as we don’t know where their raw ingredients come from.

Will any of these ingredients react with any medication I am taking, or are they allergenic?

Not that we are aware of.

Does the patient have to worry about any after effects?

If the solution is left on the soft tissue for more than 10+ seconds, you can get a localized soft tissue burn that will appear white and may cause mild to moderate discomfort.  We recommend avoiding soft tissue contact.

How long does the effect from pain usually last?

Depends on how significant the soft tissue burn.  Usually goes away in a few days

Safe on children under 10 years old?


Safe for pregnant patients?

We are not aware of any concerns specific to pregnant patients.


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DEFEND Desensitizer