Dental Professionals: The world has gone mobile – have you?


Researchers have found that in today’s society more than half of all web traffic is on mobile devices. As a result, dental offices have jumped on board by creating and using mobile friendly websites.  A major reason for the growth in mobile internet usage is that we live in a society that has become virtually dependent upon mobile devices.

There are many offices in the dental industry that are hesitant about moving into the mobile realm. There is an inherent preconceived notion that patients may interpret a mobile website poorly or that the mobile presence may not be how the practice envisioned.

Truth be told, there are an excellent amount of advantages to dental practices that have a mobile website. These advantages generally include:

  • Better placement on Google search results
  • Quicker and easier access to your website
  • Additional engagement and time spent on your website
  • Increased number of potential patients
  • More efficient handling of patient appointments

Do you know if your practice website is mobile friendly?

If you are unsure, you can check using Google’s mobile friendly tool. While researching your website, another important feature Google offers is Google Analytics. Analytics is a useful tool for tracking how visitors come across and engage with your website.

It is becoming easier than ever to create a mobile friendly website!

Conversion platforms have become the simplest way for dental offices to take their practices mobile. These platforms offer functionality that recreates your website into a mobile version. A few websites available with user friendly software are:

Taking your new mobile site to the next level with ‘Plugins’

Plugins are add-on features a practice can use to add bells and whistles to a website. Plugins can include anything from a click-to-call button, which will directly call your office, all the way to an appointment scheduling option. Online appointment scheduling is more convenient for patients and also saves on your resources such as time and money. Other widely useful plugins include:

  • Share Bar: A bar hosting links to all of your practices social media websites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn).
  • Map: By entering your office location, patients have the option to use GPS navigation to more easily find your dental practice.
  • News Feed: Posting notifications keep your patients updated with your practice. It is also a place to inform patients about promotions or specials.
  • Photo Gallery: New patients will appreciate a virtual tour of your office facilities as well as getting visuals of your staff. This will create a more personal encounter for patients, making them more likely to come in for a visit.

After creating your mobile friendly website…

There are some last minute questions to ask yourself:

  • Would you spend time on this website if it wasn’t your own?
  • Is the website easy to read?
  • Is the website easy to navigate?
  • Does the website load within a few seconds?
  • Does the website provide an overall good experience for patients?

Now it is time for you to tweak your own mobile website! Software available today has made this process more accessible to the average person. Advantages of a mobile website are undeniable for both your practice and patients. The world has gone mobile- make sure you’re not left behind!