DEFEND Ultrasonic Enzymatic Tablets Receive 90% Clinical Rating

The Dental Advisor has conducted a clinical evaluation of Mydent International’s DEFEND Ultrasonic Enzymatic Tablets. Evaluated by 34 dental consultants in 821 uses, the tablets received an excellent 90% clinical rating.

These easy-to-use enzymatic tablets dissolve in a gallon of water in under a minute to create a powerful and effective ultrasonic cleaning solution. Made from a biodegradable, non-chlorine, non-corrosive formulation that contains fast acting protease enzymes. The solution will greatly assist in the removal of blood, bone, tissue, food particles and other soils that may be resistant to chemical detergents. DEFEND Ultrasonic Enzymatic Tablets virtually eliminate handling and storage of heavy liquid concentrates. Containing a pleasant fragrance and neutral pH, the product may also be used as an instrument pre-soak or an evacuation system cleaner.